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2021 -06

Verizon Group China International Hardware Fair Review (June 23-25, 2021)


2011 -10

On October 18, 2011, Mayor Gong of Shaoyang City and other leaders came to our company to inspect and guide our work. Mayor Gong and his accompanying leaders, accompanied by our company’s chairman Mr. Li Yinsheng, visited the Welsh Business Complex, Commercial Plaza and Business Office Building, which are about to be completed, and then held the meeting at the Conference Center of our Engineering Headquarters. An ebullient welcome symposium.


2021 -10

Spread the enthusiasm, let the youth boil with blood; remember the past, let the longing be in the bottom of my heart forever;
The vast starry sky, let the eagle spread its wings and fly; work hard to make the future better!
Wishes from Powerlion Tools:
The motherland is prosperous! Partners are thriving!


2021 -04

"Shao Shang" is a group of people who dare to venture and fight, not afraid of hardships!
"Shao Shang Spirit" is the spirit and pride of Huxiang culture!
At the beginning of the new year 2021, a group of people with dreams gathered together on the land of Nanyue (Foshan). From then on, the birds of a foreign land have their own warm home!


2017 -10

The company's chairman Li Yinsheng was re-elected as the vice chairman of China Wujinjiaodian Chemical Business Association. The seventh member representative conference of China Wujinjiaodian Chemical Business Association was grandly held on the morning of October 11 in Howard Johnson Xiangyu Hotel, Linyi, Shandong. The leaders and guests attending the conference included Zhou Jingying, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the China Business Federation, members of the association's leadership team, heads of branches, representatives of member units, secretariat staff, and news media. In the conference, a new council unit was elected, and the first council meeting of the seventh session was held to elect the standing directors, directors, deputy directors, and secretary-general. The newly elected reason


Wynn's Holding Group Co., Ltd is an enterprise specalizing in developing, producing and selling hardware and tools. Since establishing in 1997, the company has occupied an area of more than 50 acres, with the construction area of 50,000 square meters.


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