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Undoubtedly, in the Chinese hardware industry, the three words "William" represent not only a brand, a company, but also a spirit of self-improvement, a courage to work hard.
Guangdong Weilishi Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional hardware tool enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing, processing and sales. Since its establishment in 1997, after 20 years of development, the company covers an area of more than 50 acres and a building area of 50,000. More than square meters, the business covers more than 30 countries and regions in the world, and the establishment of branches in Southeast Asia. The professional quality management team implements strict quality control management, with advanced innovative ideas and superior cost-effective advantages, making Weilishi one of the hardware tools enterprises with the fastest development speed, the most complete variety and the largest sales volume in China.
Over the past two decades, the Lions people have taken the brand image as the center, relying on talent management, and based on technological innovation, quality and service, forging ahead with determination, perseverance, and striving to create a world-class enterprise and a first-class brand.

Why are the steps ahead in a hurry, because there is a dream burning in my heart, even if the mountains are high and the water is long and the road is bumpy, ah, the road of tools is brave to climb the peak. The mighty lion is truly mighty, and it is all invincible. The world is wonderful because of you, and the craftsman's spirit creates dreams. The wind and rain of the journey are connected to the rainbow. Only by spreading hard work can we achieve success. The true nature of a hero is engraved with fearlessness, ah, we are galloping our way. Willis, a true hero, writes life with wisdom and pride, creates excellence in the world of tools, and Wuzhou blooms the Chinese dream.

——<<Song of the Wynn's>>

A piece of ice in the jade pot

      Those who are familiar with Li Yinsheng, the chairman of Willis Hardware Co., Ltd., have a consensus: Li Yinsheng is a person with a distinct personality. Foshan TV’s Nanhai Channel said when reporting on him, “Li Yinsheng has the characteristics of South China Sea entrepreneurs who dare to be the first, and he is also a representative of the rise of grassroots enterprises. He has inherited the courageous spirit of reform and opening up in the South China Sea.” I think, in addition to this, this This spirit of struggle also stems from a more important reason: he is from Shaoyang. As the Pearl of Central Hunan and a famous city of Zishui, Shaoyang has a history of more than 2,500 years. This is the birthplace of the Hunan Army. It is also the first thinker in the late Qing Dynasty who put forward the idea of ​​"learning from barbarians to control barbarians", Liu Kunyi, governor of Liangjiang, Cai E who rebuilt the Republic during the Republic of China, and people's musician He Luting. The hometown of people with lofty ideals who have had a significant impact on the country.

      Li Yinsheng, the executive vice chairman of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, the executive chairman of the Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, and the representative of the Shaoyang Municipal People’s Congress, gave a profound description of the personality of Shaoyang people: First, emphasize trust and justice, emphasize integrity, and be pragmatic; It is hard work, daring to fight, not afraid of things, willing to work hard, and daring to be the first; the third is to be honest, hospitable, willing to make friends, regardless of gains or losses.

      These three characteristics are exactly the true portrayal of Li Yinsheng's character. This kind of sincere and straightforward character makes people feel that it is very worry-free and very comfortable to get along with him.

      The simple and honest Shaoyang culture constitutes the basic connotation of the WELISH corporate culture. Li Yinsheng’s way of doing things is to "do the most perfect thing with the most kind heart", "integrity, innovation, stability, and diligence" are the cultural characteristics of the company, and a good spirit of cooperation is the demeanor of the company. Position for the sake of customers is the service quality of an enterprise. Such core values ​​of the enterprise make the communication between people more and more simple, direct, open and honest, and absolutely reject hypocrisy, frivolousness, deception, and conspiracy, which are invisible consciousness and behaviors, and make the spirit of the enterprise become decent and pure. , Positive, truth-seeking, pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising direction for healthy development.

      This kind of cultural characteristics internally forms the corporate cohesion, centripetal force, and execution that are consistent, concentric, and forbidden; externally, it forms the attraction of staying in the same boat through storms and rains: 20 springs and autumns, the power lion is like a planter , To open up loyal customer groups and partners everywhere, the 20th anniversary celebration of Willis Group, more than 2,200 suppliers, distributors and end customers rushed to gather in Foshan, full of friends, and enjoyment, which is a strong proof.

      Li Yinsheng said that there is a kind of fate between people. It is also a kind of fate for him to enter the hardware industry. Since he is a fate, he should cherish this fate. "Hardware people are a group of innocent, sincere, and honest people. They are not as shrewd and calculating like the people in some industries. I love this industry, cherish this innocent feeling, and like to deal with this group of people. They are me. Of great wealth, for this, I will stick to hardware tools all my life

Ji Dapeng rises in the same wind in one day

      In the traditional cultures of the East and the West, the meaning of the lion has something in common, especially the ancient Chinese culture, which gives more meaning to the lion: First, it represents auspiciousness, which means endless life, family reproduction and social prosperity; The second is a symbol of power. As the mighty king of beasts, the lion has the supreme status; the third is a reference to wealth. Like the brave and the unicorn, the lion can drive away filth and bring joy, good luck and money. Lion statues and artworks can be seen all over the world, but only China has evolved it into a unique "lion culture". Especially in Guangdong, the lion king's battle for hegemony has become one of the main cultural activities of the Spring Festival, while in Foshan, there is "no lion awakening, no Spring Festival". Foshan Lion Dance has the typical southern lion skills, integrating Foshan Kung Fu. You can see Foshan Kung Fu when you watch the lion dance in Foshan.

      In the national hardware industry, the first brand named after the lion is Willis. Through this name, we seem to be able to vaguely capture Li Yinsheng's ambition to dominate the global hardware market that was born twenty years ago.

      Li Yinsheng has always believed that brand is the most important intangible asset of an enterprise and a "multiplier" for wealth creation. After more than two decades of sustained and rapid growth, my country's economic development conditions and environment have undergone profound changes, traditional advantages tend to weaken, and the economy has entered a new normal of medium-to-high-speed growth. At this stage of further improvement of quality and efficiency, it is necessary to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, focus on connotative development, vigorously implement brand strategy, and regard brand economy as an important support and enterprising direction for the development of the hardware manufacturing industry. At present, although China has become the second largest economy in the world, and the output of many products ranks first in the world, most of them lack core technology and brand advantages. It is a typical country with large products and small brands. A large number of export products are OEM and OEM. The proportion of brand exports has always been low, and more of the “hard-earned money” is earned. This is also an important reason why our people are “diligence and not wealthy”. Therefore, each industry needs a number of high-end brands to lead, which will drive the continuous optimization and upgrade of the industrial structure and enhance the endogenous driving force of economic growth, especially in the traditional hardware industry.

      At present, my country’s economy is evolving to a stage with a more advanced form, a more complex division of labor, and a more reasonable structure. The brand economy is a high-level economic form that integrates economic elements with the brand as the core and drives economic development. It is a country or region’s comprehensive strength and competition. An important manifestation of power. Therefore, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the need to promote the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, the transformation of Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands.

      Over the years, Willis has always been stubbornly walking on the road of revitalizing the national industry and building a national brand. While attaching great importance to technological innovation and product design and research and development, it also gathers high-end technical and management talents, continues to improve brand management concepts and operating levels, and integrates modern industrial civilization and excellent traditional culture, and guides corporate employees to form integrity-based The core business value orientation continuously enriches the cultural connotation of the Willis brand. With the emergence of Willis Hardware Tools, Willis Power Tools, Willis Locks, Willis Prince Tools and other brands, they have occupied the largest market share in Guangdong Province and the entire Southeast Asian countries in just a few years, becoming China's hardware industry in the international market In a screaming business card.

      When it comes to this topic, Li Yinsheng has a lot of emotion. He told me that domestic brand owners are the most difficult group. On the one hand, because the manufacturing plant is getting older, it doesn’t want to be affected anymore, or it has already made money in the past, it is self-satisfied, its mentality is flat, or the employees are not easy to recruit, and the hard-working people are old. Either they are taking on more and more social responsibilities, or their children have different ideas and do not want to take over, or environmental protection policies have been strengthened, staff costs have increased, factories have not opened up... and many other reasons, the number of production companies has dropped sharply; On the one hand, customers are becoming more and more picky, more and more scattered, and fewer and fewer large customers. The combined effect of the upper and lower ends has led to the increasingly severe situation faced by brand owners.

      However, Li Yinsheng's national brand belief has never been shaken, because that is a dream he has always buried in his heart.

      He said that the value of an entrepreneur is not only reflected in his own wealth accumulation, but also responsible for his team, and more importantly, he must accumulate wealth for the society, create jobs, promote economic and social development, and enhance overall national strength. "There are many factors that make up success, such as family happiness, physical health, children getting an excellent education, having more wealth, status and social reputation, etc. Money is also an indicator of a person's success, of course it is not the only criterion. At a certain stage of wealth accumulation, the social responsibility of entrepreneurs will be embodied at a higher level."

      The sense of responsibility and mission constitute the most dazzling spiritual world of the elite group of contemporary private entrepreneurs, especially those who are tirelessly struggling on the road to national brands like Li Yinsheng. They are not for fame, not for profit, because they have already gone through the stage of fame and fortune. Their vision has transcended time and space and focused on the prosperity of the country and the revitalization of the nation.

Ingenuity, the sword's edge is sharpened

      Every time I see Li Yinsheng, I feel tired and haggard. Whether it is after get off work or on public holidays, I rarely see him enjoying his leisure time easily.

      Because Li Yinsheng is a person who pursues perfection, and the price of pursuing perfection is hard work and busyness.

      From operation to management, from procurement to manufacturing, from design to craftsmanship, from sales to customer service, from system construction to employee life, every level and every detail is not clear to him or not involved. In the 20th Anniversary Celebration and Headquarters Housewarming Ceremony of the Willis Group, he has to repeatedly implement the arrangement of the activity process, the choice of location, and the invitation of guests and actors. "Song of Willis Group" and "Night of Willis "Thanksgiving for 20 years of recitations, he repeatedly pondered word by word, and he wrote the speech at the luncheon by himself, and wrote it overnight before the event.

      This point reminds me of Zhuge Liang in China and Jobs in foreign countries.

      Jobs believes that strategically, we must despise difficulties and not be bound by any dogma; tactically, we must pay attention to difficulties and frantically pursue perfection in details.

      Paying attention to details and pursuing perfection are the two major elements of craftsmanship. A purple sand craftsman can only make a hand-made teapot in a few months; a nuclear carving artist can carve a bracelet in one or two years; an excellent embroiderer can complete an embroidery for decades. The heart of the craftsman is embodied in the word "grind", which is like planting a tree on a stone and panning for gold in the sea; at the same time, the heart of the craftsman is also embodied in the word "shou". The calmness, the concentration that I have forgotten and the calmness of slowing down. Especially in today's era of multiple opportunities and temptations, uphold this ingenuity and must be at the expense of perseverance and abandoning immediate interests and partial interests.

      In order to stay at the forefront in the business sea where hundreds of Gems are competing for the flow of business, Weilishi focuses on the continuous improvement of technology, the continuous launch of new products and the strict control of product quality. The first is to be willing to invest, hire outstanding experts and highly educated professional and technical personnel to form a research and development team, break the original production stereotype, boldly improve materials and processes, and form a unique core
Technology, the second is to strengthen the upgrading of production lines, continuously eliminate obsolete machines, and add the most advanced equipment, which greatly increases production capacity while saving manpower, thereby further improving production efficiency and reducing costs. The third is to ensure the quality of the product, which echoes the innovation of the hardware, is the continuous update of the software. In 2010 and 2017, successively passed the ISO9001:2008 and ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification
It not only strengthened quality management, improved economic efficiency, but also improved the production environment and increased the safety factor. The fourth is to give full play to the role of the quality department, and conduct rigorous inspections and strict quality supervision on raw materials, production processes and finished products.

      In 2017, China's "Government Work Report" proposed that it is necessary to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship, cultivate craftsman culture, fulfill professional ethics, advocate excellence, improve incentive mechanisms, cultivate many "Chinese craftsmen", and promote China's economic development into the era of quality. my country is a large country of skilled talents and manufacturing industry. The status and role of manufacturing industry in the national economy is very important. Cultivating and promoting the craftsmanship of rigorousness, conscientiousness, excellence, and perfection is of great significance to building a manufacturing power. To this end, we must focus on creating ingenuity, cultivating craftsmen, and producing high-quality goods, vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship, and provide a steady stream of power to promote the "quality revolution" made in China.

      The craftsman is very human, and everyone can say "only one thing in life" and "build a century-old enterprise", but in reality, there are very few people who can abide by it.

      Li Yinsheng is such a kind of person. He is a simple person who goes straight to the subject, a hardworking person who insists on focusing and pursues the ultimate, a pure person who "holds the green mountains and does not relax". A King Kong cannot take away his ambitions. The world cannot be changed from the ingenuity of Shaoyang people. Carrying forward the "craftsman spirit" means not only to inherit the fine traditions and to draw nourishment from the long-standing culture, but also to keep up with the pace of the times, continue to give new connotations of the times, and be brave to innovate. From Li Yinsheng's body, we are gratified to see that this cultural concept of Luban carving wood and Pao Ding Jie Niu has been passed down from generation to generation.

Open and expand, singing all the way to the end of the world

     The famous American entrepreneur and philanthropist John Rockefeller once said, “If you want to succeed, you should move on to a new path, not follow the trampled path of success.” Innovation is always the soul of national progress. It is the inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of a country, and it is the deepest national endowment of the Chinese nation. In the fierce international competition, only innovators enter, only innovators are strong, and only innovators win.

      In this regard, Li Yinsheng also holds the same view. He believes that the key to the sustainable development of an enterprise is not only the management level and product quality. These are the prerequisites, but they are not the only ones. They must also dare to innovate, advance with each passing day, and meet the needs of social development. "Look at Kodak in the past. Is its quality not good enough? Is the company not big enough? It closed down because it did not follow the trend and trend of social development, and lacked effective when digital imaging technology had an impact on traditional imaging technology. Countermeasures. Therefore, the development of Weili Lions needs to adhere to quality and pay close attention to management, but at the same time, we must keep pace with the times, cooperate and achieve a win-win situation."

      Twenty years ago, Guangzhou Weilishi Company was formally registered and subsequently successfully registered the "Weilishi" trademark. It was the first tool brand in the hardware industry in Guangdong Province to obtain the "Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province". After 20 years of rapid development, Willis has become a modern enterprise group integrating hardware tools, power tools, locks, and real estate. In addition to Willis Hardware Tools, Willis Power Tools, Willis Locks, Willis Prince Tools, and Willis Commerce Plaza, and the upcoming financial center of Wales.

      The history of Wynn Lions is an forging movement, a pioneering poem. According to Li Yinsheng’s recollection, as early as 1994 when he was still engaged in the sale of hardware tools, he discovered that the octagonal hammer (also called P hammer) in the hardware market was purchased separately for the hammer head and the hammer handle. He imagined that if the P hammer set The upper hammer handle is definitely more in line with people's usage habits in terms of feel, operability and mechanics than the masonry hammer. The market sales will be greater, and it will even completely replace the masonry hammer. So, he spent two months repeatedly researching and testing, and finally succeeded. He got hundreds of boxes of orders at once and continued to do good business for three months. It can be said that the octagonal hammer with handle sold in the Chinese hardware market so far was invented by Li Yinsheng. Although the product was imitated by others soon, because he intercepted the first opportunity, he successfully harvested the extremely valuable first for entrepreneurship and development. Pot of gold.

      In 1996, Li Yinsheng used this as a starting capital to open a small shop of less than 10 square meters on the railway side of Guangzhou Nan'an Road. He and his wife were crowded in the attic of a private house that was less than 20 square meters and used as a warehouse, a dormitory and a dining hall, and they rode tricycles to deliver goods every day. The Guangzhou Huancuiyuan hardware market that formed spontaneously at that time has begun to take shape. The market is booming, and a shop is hard to find. The average rent is 300 yuan per square meter, and the warehouse is at least 40 yuan per square meter. In such a difficult competitive environment, most people are not optimistic about Li Yinsheng: "People who hold hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in their hands are afraid to come to Huancuiyuan Market to open a shop. You can drown you!" But he faced the difficulties, through thrift and hard work, he finally gained a foothold in this land a year later and founded "Guangzhou Weilishi Tools Co., Ltd." and gradually started Implementing the development strategy of "brand wins" and the first "three-year plan" of "hard work, high-speed development", and at the same time established the Willy Lion spirit of "hard work, hard work, selfless dedication, pioneering and enterprising", "pursuit Weilishi’s work style of perfection, attention to detail, and high efficiency, and our corporate tenet of “building brand with quality and establishing business with integrity”.

      In the spring of 2001, Willis, who lacked financial resources and had no long-term customers, rented a 9-square-meter booth and participated in the National Hardware Exhibition for the first time. It is precisely because of the emergence of this exhibition that Willish Tools truly embarked on a branded and standardized entrepreneurial road, and then gradually broke through the Guangdong Province region in the sales field, and moved to the whole of China and to Southeast Asia.

      The establishment and popularity of the green brand image has become a typical example of the success of the brand strategy of Willis Tools. This image quickly triggered a "green storm" in the Chinese hardware tool market. In the past, only pipe wrenches and bolt cutters were available in the market. Red and blue are two major colors, and with the greening of Willis products, the green series is gradually recognized by the market. Today, the hardware market of most countries has always recognized China's green brand tools because of the brand influence formed by the good green image, quality and market share of Willis Tools.

      After ten years of rapid and steady development, by 2008, the sales of Willis tools exceeded 100 million yuan, and the company has become one of the top ten hardware tool brands in China, and Willis tools has obtained the largest market share in Guangdong Province and the entire Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, Li Yinsheng reviewed the current situation and began to implement the development strategy of "scale + brand". At that time, Willis's sales business has gradually expanded from Guangdong to the whole country and the world. In order to ensure product quality and control costs, and meet the needs of the company's rapid development, Willis has continuously improved the level of corporate management, modernized management ideas, and modernized management organizations. Mode of modern management methods. In terms of sales operations, the agency and distribution models are adopted throughout the country and abroad, and a standardized operation model of unified distribution is implemented in Guangdong Province. In terms of product positioning, we always insist on making the best tools at the same price. After several years of hard work, the fourth three-year plan of "expanding the country and going international" has been realized. By 2011, the total sales volume of the Verizon brand will reach the top domestic level.

      In order to reflect its own value, and strive to transition from industry elites to social elites, and play a greater role in society, Wyler keeps pace with the times, implements the seventh "three-year plan" of "solid foundation and diversified development", and promotes "diversity". The development strategy of globalization + scale + multi-brand. In the process of vertical diversification, Weilishi Prince Tools and Weilishi Locks were born; we entered the commercial real estate industry in the horizontal diversification development, and established Foshan Weilishi Packaging Co., Ltd. and Foshan Weilishi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The company recently established Guangdong Weilishi Group Co., Ltd. and Foshan Weilishi Power Tools Co., Ltd., striding forward in the direction of a modern enterprise with multi-format, group-style leap-forward development.

      Today's Weilishi hardware tools have 18 major categories and more than 3,000 varieties of products, and their annual sales are far ahead of the domestic hardware brands. Twenty years of pioneering, enterprising and hard work have made Wylion undisputedly become the leading brand of Chinese hardware tools.

Feeling gracious

      Li Yinsheng has repeatedly emphasized that the hardware business is not his entire business, but he will always take hardware tools as the company’s core business and as his lifetime business. I love the hardware industry, because the partners in the hardware industry are friends that I can't live without. "Thank you for having me and walk along the way" is my eternal voice."

      Nietzsche said that gratitude is the health of the soul.

      The grace of dripping water must be reported as a spring. Gratitude is an excellent character of mankind, and it is also an excellent tradition of our Chinese nation. Gratitude is not a task, but a responsibility. It is not a philosophy of life, but a natural expression of emotion. People who know how to be grateful must have a positive outlook on life and a healthy attitude. It allows you to "be humble and dare not forget about your country", "bow your head and be willing to be a bully", give you confidence, firmness, kindness, and compassion, and add a lot of moving scenery to your life.

      A grateful heart makes Li Yinsheng do more to care for his employees. He uses his philosophy, culture, system and care to draw people from different regions, backgrounds, and ages together. The cultural atmosphere and the love of spring and rain let them Feel the warmth and happiness of the family, and fully reflect the company's trust in employees in all aspects: make great efforts in the work, life and development of employees, give employees enough space and development opportunities, and cultivate their independent innovation Competence and sense of belonging, at the same time, through training, education, development, and guiding the behavior of employees, so that their personal needs are consistent with the company's long-term goals, forming a strong thrust for the development of the company.

      A grateful heart allows Li Yinsheng to consistently adhere to honest, trustworthy and meticulous service to suppliers and agents, not to be hasty, perfunctory, or shirk, and to effectively solve the urgent needs of customers, which fully reflects empathy and "self". "Do not do to others what you don't want to do" empathy. This kind of service quality has established a well-recognized image of Willis in selling clothes among domestic counterparts, and has created a large number of loyal customers who are in the same boat through hardships and hardships.

      A grateful heart makes Li Yinsheng have a deep, righteous and tender affection for his family. The most touching scene is his heartfelt words in his speech at the luncheon of the 20th anniversary celebration and headquarters housewarming ceremony: "The glory and glory of WELISH for 20 years cannot be separated from the hard work of all employees; My wife’s full support. For more than 20 years, you have been working for the company and this family all year round. I don’t know how much pressure you have been put on, and how many times you have fainted due to overwork. Gray hair, I don’t know how much hardship I have put in! And my parents, your health is the greatest support for me. It is you who have spent countless hard work and sweat in exchange for the power of Lions today. For the power of Lions, you have lost too much. Too much..."

      A grateful heart gives Li Yinsheng a sense of ethics and charity, and knows how to feed back the society and create a good social environment. Every year, Wynn is deeply involved in disaster relief, poverty alleviation, social assistance, environmental protection, public welfare, community services and other charity and public welfare activities. As early as more than ten years ago, Li Yinsheng silently supported a group of students in his hometown of Shaoyang to study and study, and he never made any announcements and never stopped. In the past ten years, Li Yinsheng and Willish have sponsored and funded social welfare undertakings of more than 2 million yuan. It was his love that paved a vigorous grassland for the people around him and propped up a greenery full of spring. Because of love, the world is more exciting, and because of love, tomorrow will be more beautiful.

      Li Yinsheng believes that the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the help of the poor are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the concrete manifestation of the core values ​​of socialism. Social welfare undertakings is the inheritance and development of this traditional virtue in contemporary society, and it also reflects the responsibility of national entrepreneurs to take the world as their own responsibility. Harmonious moral sentiment. He told me that Jack Ma once said that most people in today's society like to use public welfare methods and hold a commercial mentality, while only a few people use commercial methods and hold a public welfare mentality. This sentence is highly endorsed by Li Yinsheng, and it is exactly the same as his own code of conduct of "do the most perfect thing with the most kind heart".

Concluding remarks

       Two hundred years ago, Napoleon once said a saying that was remembered and recited by countless people: "There is a sleeping lion in the East. Once it is awakened, the world will be shaken." This lion refers to China.

       Willis is a lion in China's hardware and tools industry. It is precisely because there are countless companies like Willis who are persistent and forge ahead. There are countless entrepreneurs like Li Yinsheng who take the world as their mission. The prosperity and prosperity of the country, the rejuvenation and prosperity of the nation quietly dedicated their youth years, without any progress, no regrets, and the oriental lion of the Chinese nation will wake up from its deep sleep.

       We are grateful for this beautiful era; we are grateful for this era of entrepreneurs like Li Yinsheng who have dreams, pursuits, and responsibilities to walk with us, inspiring us to sing along the beat of the times; grateful for the rise and rejuvenation of our Chinese nation, as infinitely powerful The lion stands majestically in the east of the world, majestic and majestic, looking at the world.


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