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Service philosophy

Service philosophy

The customer's business is the top priority
The customers here are divided into internal customers (William employees) and external customers (consumers and distributors).

Weilishi must first satisfy our employees. The "you" in "Weilishi's promise to make you rest assured" not only refers to external customers, but also refers to internal customers of Weilishi. How to embody the "company is an employee" business culture? That is to satisfy employees, so we first work for internal customers. In fact, the satisfaction of external customers is also achieved through the satisfaction of internal customers. Only when the employees are satisfied, can Weilishi be united and united, and work together to satisfy external customers.

External customers are the food and clothing parents of the Lions. All the work we do and do is implemented to satisfy customers. Only when customers are satisfied can our work be considered good, effective and effective. benefit. Therefore, we must put the customer at the starting point and the center, adjust the corporate management and operation mechanism around the customer's needs, research and develop products that satisfy customers, implement customer satisfaction service projects, and regard customer satisfaction as the first criterion of WEILISHI , Dedicated to work for customers.

Taking customer satisfaction as the standard, 100% attentive, achieving 100% customer satisfaction and 100% worry-free.


Once selected, peace of mind every day
We believe that maintenance is not equal to service. No matter how good and serious the company’s attitude is, it will bring troubles to consumers; real service should be satisfied rather than disturbing people’s lives. After all, products are bought and not used. We have been committed to the after-sales service of the service to the overall improvement of service process, full staff and quality control, and strive to promote the "zero defect, zero trouble" project, and improve the quality of the manufacturing system. The control is fully transplanted to the service assurance system, from answering user calls, to dispatching service personnel, to user information feedback, every procedure is strictly controlled like the product process, realizing the overall improvement of service quality.

The service promise gives the service a new connotation of humanization and life, which enables users to experience the value of respect behind the product more truly while enjoying professional services.

"Once selected, peace of mind every day" is built on the basis of high quality and high standards of products, which embodies the whole process of service and is worry-free.


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